Author: Paul Naybour


A busy first week back can be a bit…

Wow what a week, risk management, business development and designing a course for a new international client. It was lovely to run a workshop for Network Rail again. they really enjoyed the exercises. Especially tower build two. All smiles that they actualy came in under budget.

Progress continues with Parallel this we we got the course dates into the Google search results.

Tristan from Small Business SEO  is a real star. This is grabing lots of space in the search results, can’t wait to see what happens when we get this working on key words like PRINCE2. We have also re-launched our SEO blog, it looks really good.


Having a week off

It quite strange after almost two and a half years of almost full time work to the taking a week off. The intentions are good, I have set out of office on the e-mail and will tune of the iPhone for the week. Strating my own business has turned me into a full time workaholic. It quite motivational when you are not sure where the next pay cheque is coming from and the pipeline of work looks a bit empty. It’s going to be quite hard to actual stop for a week. I wonder if it’s like alcoholics trying to stop work, will I be able to resist charging up the phone and just checking on the e-mails. Our just running a few Google searches to check the website rankings. The odds are not looking very good, because we are going to visit Tristan for the holiday, and Tristan develops and looks after our website. Also I have some expenses that I need to claim before the end of the month, so that will be Monday working anyway.

Nevertheless it’s going to be interesting to spend a week without e-mail, facebook and twitter connectivity.


Arras People Celebrate 10 Years in Business with Year…

1st March 2012 – Arras People, the project management recruitment specialists, are 10 years old in 2012 and to mark the occasion they have launched “Ten in Ten: A Celebration of Project Management” Prize Draws. For each and every month over the next 10 months, Arras People are giving the project management community an opportunity to win some great prizes.

Each month a Ten in Ten prize draw will feature an Arras People sponsor – chosen because of their links to the project management industry and Arras People over the last ten years. Those taking part include the Association for Project Management (APM), Gower Publishing, PMI UK, PMI Synergy, APMG, TCC Training & Consultancy, Parallel Project Training, DSDM Consortium and Management Concepts. Prizes include book bundles worth over £600, training courses, conference tickets and gadgets.

Each visitor to the Ten in Ten web pages at Arras People has the opportunity to take part in the Prize Draw by completing a short 2 minute survey before being entered into the grand draw. Some months include runner up prizes too.

Ten in Ten is all part of Arras People’s year-long goal to celebrate its 10 years as the leader in project management recruitment by giving back to the larger project management community. Anyone within the PPM community are invited to join in the birthday celebrations at



Terry Winstanley, Business Development Director

Arras People

Arras House, 47 York Street

Heywood, Lancashire OL10 4NN

Tel: 01706 626812

Fax: 0845 680 8047



Horse Riding in Stroud with Lilly the Pink

As everyone knows our family is mad about horses. For three years now we have been trying to train our family pet Lily the Pink to be the worlds best dressage and show jumping pony. However while she will try her best she really just likes to go out on a nice hack. Not that we are not making progress, every week she get better, it’s just that is is such slow progress. As you can see below pink loves to jump, its just that it look at all dangerous then she won’t do it. In her mind dangerous is any filler that she has not seen before. She tend to slow down about three meters out so that she can inspect the jump before doing it. All very safe but not the winning attitude. So I think that we have decided that she is never going to be a prize winning show jumper.

Horese riding in StroudAs for flat work she will go nicely on the bit, but her preference is a good gallop in the country. So although we can do some good work after we are warmed up then in reallity I can see us ever reaching a professional standard.

However she has some really plus points, such as not one day out of work in three years, dead easy to look after, safe to hack in groups of on your own, a very safe in traffic and even with a 11 year old ridding.

Recently we have made some real progress with private lessons by Michelle who offers riding lessons in stroud. These have been really fun and enjoyable, even if they do make me ace.


Three offer poor quality service

Dear Three

I am writing to complain about the renewal of my contract for my mobile phone and a replacement refurbished hand set that fails shortly after delivery. I believe this transaction did not meet the requirements of the Sale of Goods Act 1982 for the following reason

1)    The person on the phone miss-represented himself as an employee of Three when in fact he worked for Pones For You direct. This misrepresentation came about because you had supplied them with information about my account. As a result of this misrepresentation I agreed to extend my contract I would not have done this had the person explained that they were from Phones For You Direct. As a result I believe my contract with you is invalid.

2)    The offer made on the phone included 2 years free insurance for the refurbished phone, which would cover replacement of faulty phones. I accepted the contract on this basis however this free insurance was not included in my contract. As it transpires that the insurance only covers lost or stolen phone.  I did not accept any offer excluding repair insurance; therefore I believe my contract with you in invalid.

3)    The refurbished phone has failed after only 35 days. I was informed that refurbished phones were new but had just been returned by customers who did not want them. This is clearly untrue and there for I do not believe these phones are of merchantable quality. Hence you should replace the phone with one that is fit for purpose.

I have tried to contact you over the past few weeks without satisfactory outcome. If within 28 day I don’t receive a satisfactory reply to this letter I will.

1)    Stop my direct debit for this phone

2)    Refer my complaint to Otelo

3)    Start proceeding in the small claims court


Jane Naybour



25th Wedding Anniversary Fast Approaching

After 25th years of happy marriage we a really looking forward to our 25th wedding anniversary. The invitations have been sent, the band is booked and food has been ordered. All planned for the 15th October everyone is looking forward to a very exiting day.


Sponsored Dog Walk, Nailsworth

K-9 Capers’ atSponsored Dod Walk Nailsworth


Nympsfield, nr Stroud, Gloucestershire,GL10 3TS

by kind permission of The National Trust


10:00 to 13:00


and up to 4 walkers

all proceeds in aid of the County Air Ambulance, Stroud Young Carers, and other Rotary Charities.

For more information and to register for a sponsorship form please visit forms also available from Peter Joy , 14 Fountain Street,

Nailsworth, 01453 833747