Having a week off

It quite strange after almost two and a half years of almost full time work to the taking a week off. The intentions are good, I have set out of office on the e-mail and will tune of the iPhone for the week. Strating my own business has turned me into a full time workaholic. It quite motivational when you are not sure where the next pay cheque is coming from and the pipeline of work looks a bit empty. It’s going to be quite hard to actual stop for a week. I wonder if it’s like alcoholics trying to stop work, will I be able to resist charging up the phone and just checking on the e-mails. Our just running a few Google searches to check the website rankings. The odds are not looking very good, because we are going to visit Tristan for the holiday, and Tristan develops and looks after our website. Also I have some expenses that I need to claim before the end of the month, so that will be Monday working anyway.

Nevertheless it’s going to be interesting to spend a week without e-mail, facebook and twitter connectivity.

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