Month: December 2011


Horse Riding in Stroud with Lilly the Pink

As everyone knows our family is mad about horses. For three years now we have been trying to train our family pet Lily the Pink to be the worlds best dressage and show jumping pony. However while she will try her best she really just likes to go out on a nice hack. Not that we are not making progress, every week she get better, it’s just that is is such slow progress. As you can see below pink loves to jump, its just that it look at all dangerous then she won’t do it. In her mind dangerous is any filler that she has not seen before. She tend to slow down about three meters out so that she can inspect the jump before doing it. All very safe but not the winning attitude. So I think that we have decided that she is never going to be a prize winning show jumper.

Horese riding in StroudAs for flat work she will go nicely on the bit, but her preference is a good gallop in the country. So although we can do some good work after we are warmed up then in reallity I can see us ever reaching a professional standard.

However she has some really plus points, such as not one day out of work in three years, dead easy to look after, safe to hack in groups of on your own, a very safe in traffic and even with a 11 year old ridding.

Recently we have made some real progress with private lessons by Michelle who offers riding lessons in stroud. These have been really fun and enjoyable, even if they do make me ace.